Meyers Truck Sales Inc. offers a wide range of services. Our service staff is knowledgeable and experienced in servicing a variety of vehicles and is ready to get you back on the road, no matter what situation!


  • Engine Overhauls
  • Trans Replacements
  • Rear End Rebuilds
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • AC
  • Electrical
  • DOT Inspections
  • Lube Oil Filters
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Glass Replacements
  • Hydraulic Repairs

We also provide:

  • Used Van Bodies, Lift Gates


Engine Overhauls

Our service professionals are trained to complete a full engine overhaul to make sure your rig is running as smoothly as possible. We will assess your engine's performance and the wear and tear on each part of your engine. From there, we will make any necessary repairs and make sure your engine is clean and running properly!

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Engine overhauls
Rear End Rebuilds

Rear End Rebuilds

Its important to be sure that your rig is performing properly on the job. We have technicians with extensive experience in rear end rebuilds. You can trust us to get your truck repaired properly and back on the road!

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Rear End Rebuilds

Brakes, Tires, and Batteries

our trained technicians are ready to properly replace batteries, tires, and breaks quicly and efficiently. We have extensive knowledge in each area and will assess your rig to make the appropriate replacements!

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